Ski Pants- Shopping Guide

You are skiing for the first time or it’s your routine, important is to wear ski pants in any case. Regular pants. Jeans or trousers are not enough, while skiing or snowboarding. These pants are specifically designed to help you ski in harsh cold weather. There are different features of women, kids and men’s ski pants. But the main idea remains the same- the snow sports and cold conditions out there. Below will be discussed some of the key features that are important to consider while buying a perfect ski pant for you.


A good fit of your skiing pant is an important thing and a good fit mean a pant that is neither too tight nor so loose. Your pants must be an easy fit, allowing you to make movement easy. However, a loose pant will demand you to keep pulling it up while you are on the slope. A custom fit pant helps you to move easily, specifically around your knees and hips. Additionally, while buying a ski pant, keep in mind that you will be wearing layers beneath it. If yes, then buy pants according to that fit. If you are about to buy a Salopettes, make sure it is a bit longer than the length of normal trouser you wear.

Water Proofing Ability:

It is also an important feature of your ski pants. Make sure it is made of a fabric that is water repellent, rather than water absorbent. However, waterproofing is on different levels. A high-level waterproofing pants will have well-taped seams. It will prevent water entering from stitched areas. A waster resistant and snow proof salopette protect you from light snow, but, is not helpful to keep you dry when you fall or sit in the snow. There are different waterproof ski pants that resist the incomingwater, but also let the perspiration go out. These pants can keep your body dry inside out. Expert or highly energetic skis must go for such types of pants.

Along with such features, there is it important to understand different types of pants.
Types of Ski Pants:

Ski pants are of different types. For the variety of its types, it comes with variable look and level of comfort. Below are mentioned some of these types:

The shell ski pants:

These are made of nylon or polyester. These are water and windproof and breathable. They are not able to offer high-quality insulation, as an insulated ski pant does. They are lightweight, bulky and helps mobility. These pants are not recommended for extreme temperatures.

Soft-Shell Pants:

Made of woven fabric and rustle less. Offer extreme mobility and have high breathability. These are suggested for energetic skiers or snowboarders. Suitable for dry conditions, but are not able to provide waterproofness.

Insulated Pants:

They are made of the waterproof outer shell with an insulated inner layer. The level of insulation in these pants is measured in grams. Bigger the number, more the insulation ability will be. These pants are preferred for a colder environment. These pants are less breathable as well.