Highlights with Balayage Hair in 2017

Balayage hair with highlights is something already famous in ladies. It helps you get a soft but natural look with delicate highlights, making you the trendiest stylish lady of the town.

Managed by modern hair coloring techniques the process is safe for your hair if you are getting it done by experts like Cosmo Saloon, one of the best hair saloon in Lahore. This color can be based on your taste or personality preferences. You can get it dark or can go for a lighter tone. The most exciting thing about balayage is that it can go with hair of different lengths, color, and texture.

Another reason for its popularity is that women prefer to get balayage as it needs low maintenance and for this reason, it is in trend this year. Here we will tell you different ways you can have balayage highlights this year.

Chocolate waves with Caramel Highlights
The caramel balayage appeals more if combined with chocolate base color. This color combination suits all complexion and thus an ultimate success no matter how you look like. For brunettes it is a good upgrade but it doesn’t involve extreme shades.

Honey Highlights & Balayage

As said previously, the balayage suits all hair type and length and you can change the shade according to the season. You can have high-in-trend and time to the time change in your hair color. Honey shade balayage with medium length hairs give you a natural as well as the trendy look and is the best option or the females who are more into having natural hair.

The Balayage Auburn Hair
The auburn hair is not for all, it is specifically for certain personality. If you have a strong high tempered nature and willing to look sassy with it, you can go with this highlight to make you look incredible. This color is also suitable for the thin hair as it helps to thicken up things but important is to choose the right color to boost your volume and add a vibrant touch.

Caramel Blonde:

Colorists are more focused on placing thin highlights on the mid-shaft with thick highlight underneath. It helps to get awesome headdress. The caramel and honey tones blend together and tie the dark roots with blonde tips.

Espresso Balayage Highlights:

These are another option for the ladies who have dark strands that are flattering and the owners are not willing to go for lighter shades. These highlights enhance the appearance of the brunette hair and make them look more interesting. For darker hair, you can go for chocolate as well as honey-colored strands as they will make you look super natural.